Some Day Soon This Conversation Must Stop!

I’m sitting here listening to the House Judiciary Committee talking about Donald trump and the two articles of impeachment against him.
I’m sitting here and I’m thinking that this man has no business sitting in the Oval office, his feet up on the desk, tweeting out crazy-ass mean ugly vile shit, making decisions about this country, our country.
We, the People.
This man is an abuser and a predator: plain and fucking simple.
He is Harvey Weinstein, he is Matt Lauer – he is every single guy who has abused his power, who has violated and preyed upon and destroyed honorable women, who has demeaned good decent men; he is that guy who bullies the living shit out of you to keep you small, dismissed, ashamed, and invisible.
He is a bully & a fucking coward and he’s the guy who pushes you down when you start to stand up, he’s the guy who slams you into a corner – his beady eyes staring you down as if to say: you’re going no where, a guy who fucks his best friend’s wife and leaves women high & dry, a guy who rates women on a scale of one to ten, a guy who manipulates & cheats & beats a lie straight into the ground until it is embedded into the earth, a guy who doesn’t pay his fair share, a guy who calls decent hard working people human scum and American cities shit-holes, a guy who has fed his base enough bullshit that they haven’t got a clue where the truth begins and ends, a guy whose fake news bullshit and lock her up rhetoric has become an ugly vile chant spun repeatedly by his base at rallies that are paid for with our tax dollars, a guy who refuses to show the American people his tax returns, a guy who raped his first wife all while keeping his pregnant mistress in a hotel in Atlantic City, a guy who mocks the disabled, believes that Mexicans are rapists & drug dealers and puts living breathing babies in cages where they scream and holler and howl for their Mommy’s – where they shiver and shake and die under blankets made from aluminum foil all while they are waiting for their Mommy’s & their Daddy’s to return to them and take them home.
Yes, he is that guy.
A guy who wants to build a wall to keep out the undesirables all while the undesirables and the deplorable’s and home grown white terrorists are living and breathing and conniving alongside him in The White House, our house.
A guy who tramples on the Constitution of the United States because he believes he can, a guy who pranced around with pedophiles like Jeffrey Epstein and called 14 year old girl’s pieces of meat and pieces of ass, a guy who went into bankruptcy because he blew his wad time after time after time, a guy who sells his friends down a river, who throws his allies under a bus, a guy who hasn’t got a loyal bone in his faux-tanned body, a guy who promotes hate and violence, who champions white supremacy and white nationalism, who turned away African American families from living in his apartment buildings, a guy who believes he is above the law and has the fucking audacity to call the FBI – our FBI – scum.
Two articles of impeachment?
Are you fucking kidding me?

Just like any abuser, any predator – any man who abuses his power – he should be removed immediately from the very house where he is killing souls, destroying hope, violating lives and betraying the human heart.

(This conversation is needed now but we need to become a United Force and not a BITCH! – KHM, editor)
Freedom is the ability to feel love for everyone.”┬áMason Jennings

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