Pestering AMY

***As Amy’s production assistant for her website I must say, I love this CHICK! Happy Fucking Wonderful Birthday – This is just the beginning of our friendship! K Hale ***

In 2001 I wrote a YA book, a greater goode (yes, all lower case) and Houghton Mifflin bought it & published it and well, it went on to become a groovy book and a couple of years later a woman named Jody Feagan started pestering me about coming to the brand new sizzling hot San Miguel de Allende Literary Festival to talk about that book and the two movies I wrote, and well, I shooed her away a few times and then she reached out to me about donating computers to children in San Miguel and Ken and I thought that was a very cool idea, and so we donated dough for a few computers for the school & for the kids and well I thought good… good I won’t be pestered by Jody again or asked to come to San Miguel, WHEW, and then…. a few years later I wrote Marrying George Clooney Confessions From a Midlife Crisis and low and fucking behold Jody Feagan appeared again and asked if I would like to come to San Miguel and speak at the festival and do a workshop and talk about my book at the shindig and I said sure, why not, and I thought that’ll be the end of that… and then we went to San Miguel and we stayed at Jody’s house for a whole week and oh my God, what a gorgeous house & what a gorgeous human and wouldn’t you fucking know it – we, Ken & I, fell madly in love and in like with the crazy-ass coolest hippest sexiest chick on the whole planet and after that week in San Miguel, we made a promise, Jody and me – to each other – never letting you go ever, fucking ever, and we velcro-ed ourselves to each other, and then as you can only imagine Jody introduced me to her sister soulmate Katie Rountree in Santa Fe (where they’re all living now) and well that didn’t go as planned… I thought for sure it would be just one weekend of fun and coolness and well … that turned into a whole decade of beauty & love & sharing secrets and writing workshops and a ton of meals and wine and words and more books, and all of this to say: I’m gonna spend my birthday with these glorious creatures and a few women & men who have literally changed my life over the past 15, 16…18 plus years; lifted me up, saved my ass, inspired the words to pour outta me, didn’t let me go and the glorious fabulous holy shit add on is Alexia and Greg will be flying in from LA to celebrate and well… here’s this tidbit about love & friendship: forgive folks their flaws: we’re all fucking imperfect, love mighty and fiercely and all in and unconditionally and give folks a break when they say or do something that pushes your buttons or irritates you just a bit – we all fumble, we’re all such messy creatures; kindness is a magic elixir – sprinkle that everywhere, and the folks who lift you and love you and hold you tight and champion you and forgive you your foibles – and show up just because …. those folks are treasures. I’m a lucky woman, I have many treasures in my life. And then there’s iKen, who tells me every single fucking day that I rattle & shake the Universe and I make the Earth move.
Thank you all for the pre-birthday love.
Let’s move & shake & rattle the Universe and prove that love wins; love always wins.

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