Make magic people, make magic

I’m awfully proud of this for many, many reasons.
I’m on the Board of Directors at Peters Valley School of Craft and for a good few years now I have been wanting to create WRITING WORKSHOPS at Peters ValleySchool of Craft because yes, writing is a craft.
It is an exquisite craft; a craft I am so deeply proud to do on a daily basis. I love being a writer. I love the power of words.
I am also so very proud to know & love & cherish Brooke Warner; she is my friend, my chosen sister, she was my big motherfucker champion at Seal Press and is a co-conspirator at some very groovy writing conferences and festivals. She is the cats meow, and I am awfully thrilled – over-the-fucking-moon thrilled – that we are kicking off the first of many writing retreats/workshops at Peters Valley with Brooke Warner this summer: July 24th to the 28th!
I will be doing a writing workshop, and Alexia LaFortune will be doing a writing workshop and a few more women writers will join us over the course of the year, and yes, Brooke will be doing many more.
Art saves lives, words matter and magic happens when you want something bad enough.
Make magic people, make magic.

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