LISTEN – She is not a Backseat Quarter Back!

Listen folks, I don’t follow football, and I don’t know enough about the game to get all crazy-ass nuts like iKen, but this, this is fucked up shit:
Michael Vick served 18 months in federal prison, he was found guilty for cruel and inhumane treatment of dogs – for running a dog-fighting ring.
We all remember that crazy-ass shit he did. Ugly mean cruel vicious shit. He was suspended from the NFL, filed for bankruptcy and after his release from prison the NFL took him back: he played for the Eagles, the Steelers and the Jets, and retired in 2017.
The NFL recently announced that Michael Vick would be serving as a ‘mentor’ to players & also serve as a 2020 Pro Bowl Captain.
I’m all for second chances but here this:
Colin Kaepernick took a knee for folks who were and who are treated cruelly and inhumanely every single fucking day; folks who are marginalized, who are discarded, who are discounted, folks who are murdered because of the color of their skin and he was and he is treated like a fucking pariah and called Un-American.
He took a knee for injustice, for humanity.
He has not been hired to play football by any NFL team.
Colin Kaepernick deserves to be back playing football; he is role model and a HERO.

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