Here’s to you:

Amy Ferris Cares!

Each & every single human out there who makes a difference. Who lights a fire under someone’s ass. Who gives more & more and yes, more. Here’s to each of you who lifts another human, champions another human, supports another human, cheers another human, hoots and hollers for another human; fights like a motherfucker for the people you love & care about: Stands up for & stands with another human. Here’s to you. Here’s to the ones who hold a hand, offer a shoulder, offer a coat, a sweater, a cup of coffee, a hand up; here’s to the ones who say please stay, I got you, I got your back, I’m never letting you go.
Here’s to goodness makers, the kindness makers, the sugar makers, the love makers, the ruckus makers.
Here’s to the ones who believe there is enough to go around, and around and around and around.
The world needs you.
Thank you all for giving more & more & more & more and for giving more on days when it feels impossible – absolutely impossible – to give another fucking inch.
I thank you.
I toast you.
I so deeply honor you.
You all make the world spin.

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