Can we please

for the sake & love of all that’s good & kind in this world – stop throwing women under a bus or a train or any moving vehicle. Can we please stop ripping women apart seam by seam, thread by thread. Can we please stop comparing ourselves to other women – for god fucking sake we are all enough, more than enough; we are all a gracious plenty. And while I have you: none of us are perfect humans, none of us, we all have flaws & crazy-ass shit that’s packed and buried somewhere and no doubt – no fucking doubt – we all have a secret or two or three tucked away in a drawer or buried in a closet or locked in a safe hoping praying wishing to God or Goddess or the Universe or any deity we pray to that it stays a secret; we’re all messy and I don’t mean messy like clutter or hoarding or the Collier brothers, I mean messy as in we’re all emotional creatures with a side of baggage filled with mistakes and regrets and hopes and dreams and bad dates and one night stands whose names we never asked and shame and fear and worries and for the love & sake of all that’s good & kind in the world can we please, for fuck sake, start looking at each other as mighty champions rather than competitors.
We women can do anything, absolutely anything we set our minds to – we are that powerful and that mighty and that gutsy and that extraordinary and that gorgeous and that sexy and that awe-inspiring and we are fierce as all fuck.
So, let’s applaud women like Kamala and let’s praise women like Elizabeth and let’s root for women like Amy and let’s thank women like Hillary and let’s cheer on women who throw their hat in the ring – women who stand up for all women, who fight for women’s rights, who believe that women’s rights are human rights and who believe a woman’s place is anywhere she wants to be.

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