Amy’s Words Are REAL

As the designer of Amy’s website, I want to say that we will share her words posting and podcasting. Amy Ferris is using her voice/words that so many are afraid to use but applaud. She may say FUCK a lot, but so do so many others; it is has become a word that our mothers told us not to use, but it has become mainstream, and when she says it, HOLY FUCKEST! Here is a response from her Facebook page, and I stand with her! Karen KIKI Moss Hale

A Response by AMY;
I was unfriended by a woman who thought my Melania post was “dreadful and vicious’ – well, toots, thrilled you’re gone.
Here’s dreadful & vicious:
Dreadful & vicious occupies the White House, dreadful and vicious are named Donald & Melania and Mitch and Jordan and Devon and Rudy and Mike and Kellyanne and on and on and on, dreadful & vicious have given a pass to god awful hate-filled crimes, dreadful & vicious call the truth fake news, dreadful & vicious are babies and children and humans who are living in concentration camps here in America – and actually that’s not just fucking dreadful & vicious, that’s pure fucking evil.

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